Friday, November 13, 2009

Raid for the Cure!

This coming Saturday, November 14th, a bunch of people will be gathering on the Kael'Thas server at 2pm Central Time in order to march and show our support for the fight against breast cancer.

I originally heard about this from the Big Bear Butt, who organized this event. One of his guildmates, Julie, has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, and he has put out a call to march!

I rolled Fushcia, a tauren, who is parked in Camp Taurajo, eagerly anticipating the event. Pink mageweave shirts will be made available. A group of alliance players (the faction of BBB's guild) will also be attending the event.

Please see BBB's post about the event here. I also started a group on Facebook, hoping to recruit more people. See you there!

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