Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Buundhil's 20 Thoughts About World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

1. I have never had any particular affinity for werewolf fiction, nor am I one of the many players who, on the suggestions forums, have been asking for playable werewolves for years. Regardless, I feel a lot more psyched about playing a worgen than I ever did playing a belf, draenei, or death knight.

2. The phrase that probably had more to do with my return to the game than anything else - Dwarf Shaman. It is not at all improbable that, once Cataclysm launches, the dwarf shammy I roll will replace my main.

3. I'm curious about goblin and worgen death knights. Apparently, the plan is to delay access to changing already existing characters to either of the new races so people don't prematurely access certain server-first achievements (e.g. a level 80 dwarf buying a race change to a worgen in order to get a Server first level 85 worgen achievement). I wonder if a similar delay will be placed on worgen and goblin death knights. Obviously anyone rolling a toon from level 55 is going to have a huge advantage at getting one of those achievements over someone rolling from level 1. Also, in the context of Cataclysm's story, it doesn't make sense for either race to get to be death knights yet. Death knights are supposed to be fallen heroes of the Horde and Alliance - men and women who are established to be heroes to either faction and therefore must have been around for a while. The worgen and goblins just respectively joined the Horde and Alliance. They haven't had a chance to have any established heroes.

4. I am thrilled that blood elves get to be warriors, so that they'll all shut the hell up about it now.

5. The remaking of the world is a magnificent idea. It genuinely makes me feel excited about rolling new characters - something I haven't felt in quite a while.

6. If there are any zones I will feel nostalgic about after the change, it will be Stonetalon and Thousand Needles. Not the easiest earlier level zones to navigate, but I love the zones that have a heavy tauren-inspired atmosphere. The Barrens, though, the Barrens can go get carved up and I'll do nothing but love it. Seriously. F#$% that place.

7. The other night I had to rush to the store because I had forgotten a recipe I was making called for arugula. This was complicated by the fact that I didn't know what the hell arugula looked like. I finally learned the store didn't have it anyway, but only had Baby arugula (which is like normal arugula, but can't vote). The whole thing made me realize that the final boss of my favorite dungeon, Shadowfang Keep, is named after lettuce.

8. Between the orcs, draenei, forsaken, and worgen we've got werewolves, zombies, and aliens. WoW player characters now cover a significant percentage of the discography of the Misfits (we just need some JFK references, more SEVERE mommy issues).

9. So, looking at the worgen racials, they get a nice skinning bonus and can skin without a knife, they get a speed boost when they transform to worgen form, and I'm looking and looking but I don't see the RIP APART EVERY F$%#ING THING THEY SEE WITH THEIR CLAWS AND TEETH racial. Maybe in beta?

10. I'm curious about the justifications behind worgen druids. I'm assuming a number of the new race/class combos will be explained by the chaos done in nature and the need for more heroes versed in controlling/healing nature and its wounds. My understanding of druidism is that in order for a race to be able to produce druids, Cenarius has to teach the druid ways to those people. Or, perhaps since Malfurion is apparently returning in Cataclysm, he'll teach it. Or maybe Cenarius will return too. Regardless, what interests me is that, of ALL the races available, Cenarius, Malfurion, or whoever would choose the worgen. Maybe it's because they feel since the Gilneans have found a way to control their more bestial halves, that means they would be well suited to take on the responsibility of the spirit beasts. I don't know. I'm curious to see what the Blizz writers come up with. Because at first - and apologies, but I figure enough WoW players know enough about comics to get what I'm saying here - the choice to give druidism to the worgen seems like giving the Cosmic Cube to the Hulk. And believe me, I am a HUGE Hulk fan. I love comics, always have, and Hulk's always been my favorite, but you get what I'm saying. If you have something sacred and powerful that could potentially be abused, you don't usually have the idea to give it to someone who is both mentally unstable and super powerful.

11. I'm so excited about the world being remade, that I think I'll want to roll at least one toon for every race, just to experience all the new content...except the elves. I still don't give a shit about elves. Sorry.

12. One thing my excitement about Cataclysm has made me realize is that questing is probably my favorite part of WoW. Maybe it seems sacrilegious, but I have to say I have completely lost my taste for raiding. The idea of playing a video game for that many hours in a row makes me want to punch a baby. That means I'll miss out on the l33t gear, I know, but whatever. I like exploring the world and having adventures. I hate spending 6 hours in the same dungeon.

13. I am disappointed that there's no new hero class. I was hoping we would get at least one more for the sake of people who like the idea of starting at level 55 but aren't big fans of playing death knights (like me). I was also hoping, since the first hero class focused on DPS and tanking, we might get a healy-capable one this time around.

14. I hope they eventually put some new content in Outland. It seems like a shame that the area that so many of us spent so much time in is now nothing but a stepping stone to Northrend.

15. Speaking of Outland, I wonder if there's going to be any mention of that NPC dragon that would occasionally fly to the Netherwing quest hub and make comments that made her sound like she was working for Deathwing. I remember reading online that some people thought this meant that Deathwing was in Outland. I guess not, but there could still be some connection maybe?

16. So who the hell is left to fight after this? Sargeras? Doctor Doom? Lopan?

17. I wonder what they're going to do with the Ironforge airport. It almost feels...wrong that I could be able to just fly to it now. Will that one dude still be waving at everyone? And if not, why not? Is he just a bastard?

18. Anyone planning an all worgen death knight guild? I know someone is. I know it. Come on. Just admit it. If you are, here's a name idea - Ole Yeller. Get it? Get it? Dead dog. HA!

19. Kind of a goofy idea for a worgen character and a bit of a twist on the roll-one-race-and-pretend-you're-another-race thing - a human scientist who managed to somehow sneak into Gilneas to learn what was going on with the people there. He made a worgen suit to pretend he was one of them, but it's pretty terrible and it's obvious to everyone, including other worgen, that it's a suit. He doesn't realize this, and so feels he has to continue wearing the suit and pretending he's a worgen or be killed by others. When changing into worgen or human form during RP, he'll have to run into another room and make fake transformation-pain sounds (which everyone can tell are fake because he's a horrible actor).

20. What would be cool though it will almost definitely not happen - on the wow forums, forum avatars for worgen players change from human to worgen at night and change back in the morning.

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