Monday, November 23, 2009

Woot! RP in the works

I Finally got my War Elekk. Sooooo, in a very short time Endy's going to mount (hehe) a rescue of her beloved childhood pet. I'm still working out the story of how she gets the information about the elekk. I'm pretty much set on having to go to Garadar to rescue him. Add a little PvP to the thing. Hopefully we won't run into to much resistance. I'm thinking more, fight guards and get out type of thing.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Buundhil's 20 Thoughts About World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

1. I have never had any particular affinity for werewolf fiction, nor am I one of the many players who, on the suggestions forums, have been asking for playable werewolves for years. Regardless, I feel a lot more psyched about playing a worgen than I ever did playing a belf, draenei, or death knight.

2. The phrase that probably had more to do with my return to the game than anything else - Dwarf Shaman. It is not at all improbable that, once Cataclysm launches, the dwarf shammy I roll will replace my main.

3. I'm curious about goblin and worgen death knights. Apparently, the plan is to delay access to changing already existing characters to either of the new races so people don't prematurely access certain server-first achievements (e.g. a level 80 dwarf buying a race change to a worgen in order to get a Server first level 85 worgen achievement). I wonder if a similar delay will be placed on worgen and goblin death knights. Obviously anyone rolling a toon from level 55 is going to have a huge advantage at getting one of those achievements over someone rolling from level 1. Also, in the context of Cataclysm's story, it doesn't make sense for either race to get to be death knights yet. Death knights are supposed to be fallen heroes of the Horde and Alliance - men and women who are established to be heroes to either faction and therefore must have been around for a while. The worgen and goblins just respectively joined the Horde and Alliance. They haven't had a chance to have any established heroes.

4. I am thrilled that blood elves get to be warriors, so that they'll all shut the hell up about it now.

5. The remaking of the world is a magnificent idea. It genuinely makes me feel excited about rolling new characters - something I haven't felt in quite a while.

6. If there are any zones I will feel nostalgic about after the change, it will be Stonetalon and Thousand Needles. Not the easiest earlier level zones to navigate, but I love the zones that have a heavy tauren-inspired atmosphere. The Barrens, though, the Barrens can go get carved up and I'll do nothing but love it. Seriously. F#$% that place.

7. The other night I had to rush to the store because I had forgotten a recipe I was making called for arugula. This was complicated by the fact that I didn't know what the hell arugula looked like. I finally learned the store didn't have it anyway, but only had Baby arugula (which is like normal arugula, but can't vote). The whole thing made me realize that the final boss of my favorite dungeon, Shadowfang Keep, is named after lettuce.

8. Between the orcs, draenei, forsaken, and worgen we've got werewolves, zombies, and aliens. WoW player characters now cover a significant percentage of the discography of the Misfits (we just need some JFK references, more SEVERE mommy issues).

9. So, looking at the worgen racials, they get a nice skinning bonus and can skin without a knife, they get a speed boost when they transform to worgen form, and I'm looking and looking but I don't see the RIP APART EVERY F$%#ING THING THEY SEE WITH THEIR CLAWS AND TEETH racial. Maybe in beta?

10. I'm curious about the justifications behind worgen druids. I'm assuming a number of the new race/class combos will be explained by the chaos done in nature and the need for more heroes versed in controlling/healing nature and its wounds. My understanding of druidism is that in order for a race to be able to produce druids, Cenarius has to teach the druid ways to those people. Or, perhaps since Malfurion is apparently returning in Cataclysm, he'll teach it. Or maybe Cenarius will return too. Regardless, what interests me is that, of ALL the races available, Cenarius, Malfurion, or whoever would choose the worgen. Maybe it's because they feel since the Gilneans have found a way to control their more bestial halves, that means they would be well suited to take on the responsibility of the spirit beasts. I don't know. I'm curious to see what the Blizz writers come up with. Because at first - and apologies, but I figure enough WoW players know enough about comics to get what I'm saying here - the choice to give druidism to the worgen seems like giving the Cosmic Cube to the Hulk. And believe me, I am a HUGE Hulk fan. I love comics, always have, and Hulk's always been my favorite, but you get what I'm saying. If you have something sacred and powerful that could potentially be abused, you don't usually have the idea to give it to someone who is both mentally unstable and super powerful.

11. I'm so excited about the world being remade, that I think I'll want to roll at least one toon for every race, just to experience all the new content...except the elves. I still don't give a shit about elves. Sorry.

12. One thing my excitement about Cataclysm has made me realize is that questing is probably my favorite part of WoW. Maybe it seems sacrilegious, but I have to say I have completely lost my taste for raiding. The idea of playing a video game for that many hours in a row makes me want to punch a baby. That means I'll miss out on the l33t gear, I know, but whatever. I like exploring the world and having adventures. I hate spending 6 hours in the same dungeon.

13. I am disappointed that there's no new hero class. I was hoping we would get at least one more for the sake of people who like the idea of starting at level 55 but aren't big fans of playing death knights (like me). I was also hoping, since the first hero class focused on DPS and tanking, we might get a healy-capable one this time around.

14. I hope they eventually put some new content in Outland. It seems like a shame that the area that so many of us spent so much time in is now nothing but a stepping stone to Northrend.

15. Speaking of Outland, I wonder if there's going to be any mention of that NPC dragon that would occasionally fly to the Netherwing quest hub and make comments that made her sound like she was working for Deathwing. I remember reading online that some people thought this meant that Deathwing was in Outland. I guess not, but there could still be some connection maybe?

16. So who the hell is left to fight after this? Sargeras? Doctor Doom? Lopan?

17. I wonder what they're going to do with the Ironforge airport. It almost feels...wrong that I could be able to just fly to it now. Will that one dude still be waving at everyone? And if not, why not? Is he just a bastard?

18. Anyone planning an all worgen death knight guild? I know someone is. I know it. Come on. Just admit it. If you are, here's a name idea - Ole Yeller. Get it? Get it? Dead dog. HA!

19. Kind of a goofy idea for a worgen character and a bit of a twist on the roll-one-race-and-pretend-you're-another-race thing - a human scientist who managed to somehow sneak into Gilneas to learn what was going on with the people there. He made a worgen suit to pretend he was one of them, but it's pretty terrible and it's obvious to everyone, including other worgen, that it's a suit. He doesn't realize this, and so feels he has to continue wearing the suit and pretending he's a worgen or be killed by others. When changing into worgen or human form during RP, he'll have to run into another room and make fake transformation-pain sounds (which everyone can tell are fake because he's a horrible actor).

20. What would be cool though it will almost definitely not happen - on the wow forums, forum avatars for worgen players change from human to worgen at night and change back in the morning.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Deeprun Tram under attack!

Sounds like a cool, fun RP-PVP event - Deconstructing Deeprun, Thursday 7 pm server time.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The History of the Thousand Wardens, as told by Chochak Axeface

Long ago, before mean orcs attack world, lots of elves and humans and short people and cow people and tooth-faces stayed in forest and were nice to each other. They help other people find way through woods. They call themselves Thousand Wardens and told jokes and bedtime stories and were nice to each other. Chochak thinks he would have liked to have been in original Wardens.

Then mean orcs (including Chochak, who is very sorry), attack world. Everyone on world fighting each other. It's big and scary and then we killed a tree. World ok. Demons go away. Mean orcs not mean anymore. But all Wardens die in big, stupid wars. This makes Chochak sad. Chochak did not know at the time, but when he heard about it later he was sad. And he is sad about it now.

Then later demons try to come back and start another stupid, big war, and Wardens come back. Then Wardens hide from stupid dead man. Then they come back again. Now we are back.

Chochak is hungry now.


The History of the Thousand Wardens, as told by Buundhil Blackhorn

A mountain is a mountain because it wants to be, and that's the best way I know to explain it.

My father raised me in a cottage outside Anvilmar. He refused to settle in the Bronzebeards' underground city. Not just because living closer to the wilderness brought him closer to game. Not just because we were considered somehow tainted because somewhere back before most dwarves were alive to remember, a Dark Iron claimed our last name. My father didn't trust Ironforge. Not the politicians or the guards, he didn't trust the very idea of a city carved out of a mountain. He often mused about how the dwarves felt living where they did made them safe, while all it would take was a good earthquake and half the dwarven race would be smothered within seconds. It was rare for me to see the city as a child. It was only with unrelenting begging that I won the occasional trip, and usually it was because my father needed something there anyway. Most times, though, I didn't get to go. And he would tell me, "Buundhil, lad, a mountain is a mountain because it wants to be a mountain. It don't want to be no damn city."

And that, I guess, is why the world needs the Thousand Wardens. No matter how many fancy gagdets the gnomes and the goblins conjure up, no matter how many guns we got or cities we build, people will always be at the mercy of what them tauren call the Earth Mother. And there's got to be someone who can keep us from abusing nature, while protecting our people from the kind of world where you're predator or prey and right and wrong got nothing to do with it. The Wardens are here to guide you through the forest when no one else can, and to make sure it don't burn.

There's a lot we don't know about how the Wardens began. We're pretty sure the first Wardens gathered some time after the earthen came up out of the deep places of the world and became the dwarves. We know their purpose was to guide folk through the wilderness, and to guard young settlements from wild animals and the like. We know they were trappers, hunters, explorers, cartographers, minstrels, storytellers, and troubadours. Eventually, their numbers grew to a point where they wanted some kind of way to communicate with each other, so some of the magic users among them created the first Wardens Runestones. The stones let Wardens speak with each other over great distances as well as letting them locate where other Wardens could be found.

There are a lot of questions about who exactly, race-wise was in the original Wardens. We know there were dwarves, humans, tauren, and high elves. Probably night elves too, but no one's sure how they were in the Wardens and managed to keep their race secret until the Third War. My guess is back then most folk didn't know a high elf from a night elf from a hole in the ground. There were probably trolls. Don't know about gnomes. They were around, I know that, but they kept to themselves and most folk didn't know about them until just before the First War. Not to mention they aren't exactly lovers of nature.

It were the First War that saw the end of the original Wardens. Aye, and the Second and the Third. Wardens found themselves on different sides of the battlefield, and most wouldn't survive. Too many were risen as mindless, undead drones of the Lich King. Most of those who did survive with their souls intact cast aside their identity as Wardens, ashamed of raising their hands against brothers and sisters. Since few outside its ranks were even aware of its existence to begin with, the Thousand Wardens just faded away.

That is, until Grimthur Oakreaver revived the group upon the re-opening of the Dark Portal. With the Burning Legion renewing its attacks on Azeroth, Oakreaver gathered a new, smaller group of heroes. Myself included, you know. Never met Oakreaver myself but I hear he were a nice enough fellow. He disappeared not long after the Wardens returned, and was found frozen in a block of ice in the basement of an ancient Wardens fortress - Angmar in the Badlands. To date, no one knows what happened to poor Grimthur.

Smaller in number, no longer restricted to just wilderness folk, the new Thousand Wardens crossed the Threshold to broken Draenor and helped stem the tide of the Burning Legion. The Wardens fought for the safety of Azeroth and its people until shortly after the traitor Arthas renewed his assault on the free people of the world. Apparently somehow threatened by our meager numbers, Arthas targeted the Wardens for extermination. Our fortress in the Badlands was destroyed. Assassins were sent after Wardens members. Regrettably, but necessarily, we went into hiding. Our good friends in the organization known as Veritas sheltered many of us for a time.

It is just in the past few weeks that the Wardens have returned to continue our work defending Azeroth. Old members have been found in every corner of the three continents. At the same time, we are receiving word that the Wardens of the Horde have also returned. Our communication with them is necessarily (and as far as I'm concerned, garetfully) limited, but from what we hear, their numbers grow every day.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

About the Troll Wardens: A Story

"Badoon! ya mind ya mama! Get ya booty back to da village before dark ya hea, boy?" The young troll waved his hand absently as he dashed out of the hut with hunting gear in hand. There was no way Badoon was going to miss hunting boars on such a fine day. He could hear his mama calling after him with instructions for his 'safety.' Badoon rounded the hill and came to the passage between Razor Hill and Orgrimmar. The canyon is made from huge red stone spires and plates that joined  together to create a canopy above the road. Several varieties of creatures inhabit the area. Badoon's quarry were the boars that wander near the Orgrimmar walls, the horde capital city.

The tall, lanky troll made his way along the canyon pas with ease. As he came to the end of the canyon, the delicious smell of cooking meat and roasting vegetables stopped him in his tracks and set his mouth to watering. In a side passage, Badoon found tracks, though they had been poorly covered, he followed them to a cavern. The young troll recognized the cavern. Trolls and orcs believed it was haunted.
The sound of humming floated from the cavern. That and the wonderful aroma of food made Badoon's mind. No ghost cooked and hummed. He crept to the cave's entrance with care and peeked in. There was a large orc sitting comfortably by a roaring fire. The grizzled orc was tending his food and humming a happy tune.
"Well?" The orc spoke in a baritone voice without looking up from his task. "Are you going to come in or just stand there drooling on the stone?"
Badoon turned to run as a dagger whistled between his feet. He stopped trembling, fearing his death was coming next, when the orc spoke more softly.
"Come oan boy! Let's have food and a chat."
Badoon turned back to the cave. The orc was holding a full plate out to him. "I'm not going to hurt ya, boy." The orc beckoned him over with the plate and set down on a mat before the fire. The young troll started toward the fire when he recalled his manners, ha backed to the entrance bowed and laid his bow and knife at the entrance. Badoon sat by the orc and took the plate after saying a prayer of thanks to the spirits for the food. The orc chuckled and nodded his approval.
"Yar a fine lad. Good manners even when yer scared." the orc ate his meal in silence, all the while watching the young troll. When he finished his food, the orc put he place aside and leaned back against the cave wall, he took out a long pipe and lit the already packed bowl  with a twig form the fire. He sat there studying the boy, smiled and nodded to himself as if having decided something.
"Do ya believe in fate, boy?: the orc asked Badoon.
Badoon nodded "Ya, mon! Da spirits dey work da ways o' da fate. Dats what me mama say."
The orc nodded. "I'm Veerek. I am a shaman and," He paused "I am a Warden."
Badoon's mouth dropped open. A Warden! He had heard tales of the band of fighters in the village. They were said to be peacekeepers by some, rebels and trouble makers by others. He had heard that they were strong warriors who put fear in the hearts of the evil everywhere.
"I see you heard of the Wardens." The orc's eyes gleamed in the fire. "Good!"
Veerek and Badoon spent the rest of that day together talking. Veerek was fascinating, kind and wise. Badoon had never met anyone like the old orc.
Veerek had traveled so many places, seen so many things and fought many foes. The old orc explained to Badoon that he was back in his homeland of Durotar to spend his last days in peace.
As evening approached, Veerek bade Badoon goodbye and the boy left the cave reluctantly, with the promise to return. After that, Badoon spent everyday he could with Veerek. The young troll was an eager student and the orc and enthusiastic teacher. Veerek taught Badoon about history, philosophy, shamanism and fighting. He taught the boy about the Wardens, the fiercely loyal fighters, defenders of good.
After a time, Badoon asked Veerek for permission to bring a friend. Soon many of the young trolls of the village of Sen'Jin came to spend time with the charismatic orc.

Drassa, Badoon's little sister, was sitting on the porch of the hut when Badoon came out in a huff. His mother had ordered him to stay home with his sick sister, while she went to a meeting of the village elders.
 "But Ma!" Badoon whined in the tone that only an adolescent can manage, "I hafta go to da canyon wif me brodders! Ya kno dat!"
 His mother held up her hand indicating silence and he slumped to the porch next to his sister. The woman was the law and that was the end of that.
Drassa to his hand in her small one. She looked up at him with her teary eyes and too pale face.
"I sorreh, Baddy," She sniffled and coughed, "'tis mah faul ya no get ta go."
Badoon smiled at her and hugged his little sister. "Doancha be frettin, lil' Drassa, I go leyta." He tickled her gently and she giggled.
A short while later, Badoon was stringing his bow when Drassa cried out. She had fallen from the porch and her arm was sitting at an unnatural angle. Badoon had a split second of panic and then all the training with Veerek came to him. He placed his hand over Drassa's arm and chanted softly. He moved the arm back into position with only a small gasp form Drassa. She lifted her head from the ground a bit to reveal a pool of blood. He placed his hand over her head and closed his eyes. He could see the wound in his mind. It was more than he could heal. The young troll lifted his little sister and placed her in the large wheel barrow they used for the hay. He wheeled his little sister as carefully as he could and made his way toward Veerek's cave. By the time he reached the cave, Drassa's breathing was shallow and she was deathly pale. Upon seeing them, Veerek rushed from the cave to help Badoon bring Drassa in. They placed her on Veerek's blankets and the old orc scurried around muttering and grabbing flasks, jars and other strange items he had laying neatly about. Several hours later, Drassa was sitting up smiling and gnawing on a chicken bone.

Drassa recovered from her injury as well as from the wasting disease that she had been born with. Their mother never knew the true reason for the recovery and, thus, considered it a miracle of the spirits.

Veerek taught and shaped the minds of many of the young trolls from Sen'Jin village. The children became shining examples to their community. The Spiritual teaching of the shaman and the philosophy of the Wardens molded the children into fine young adults. The parents and elders of the village were unconcerned by the orc, most of the children kept him a secret and the others were thought to be talking about an imaginary play friend. The children's behavior was sufficient for the parents to be happy with whatever play had made their children better, happier people.

One late summer afternoon, Veerek was sharing a meal with several of his pupil, when a bedraggled dwarf wandered into the cave and collapsed on the floor. Veerek shooed the youngsters from the cave as he tended to the exhausted dwarf. The trolls watched from the entrance as Veerek and the dwarf spoke in hushed tones. After a time Veerek summoned the youngsters back to the cave and introduced the dwarf as Olfan, also a Warden.
Olfan answered a battery of questions from the curious trolls in a broken orchish with a heavy dwarven accent. Olfan told them of battles being fought in distant places, of demons and of new alliances. He spoke of the other wardens and their current leader, Endryel. The young trolls listened in awe as Olfan told them of the Wardens work in re-uniting the horde and alliance wardens. The trolls felt a shift in their own teachings of the enmity between the horde and the alliance and came to see the value in friendship.

Soon excited talk of friendship between horde and alliance was overheard by the adults of the village and a council of elders was convened. Any of the trolls' concerns about the orc flared into hatred, any improvement of their children was dismissed behind the deep seated hatred of the alliance faction. There were lines they could not, would not cross.

The young trolls of the village were called before the council to denounce Veerek and the teaching of the Wardens. Holding hands and standing tall and proud, the children and young adults of Sen'Jin village stood as one. Not one of them would relent. They believed that the Horde and Alliance can coexist peacefully.  The elders and parents were outraged. The elders declared the children outcasts and traitors. Parents flung rocks at their children. The youngsters battled their way out of the village, even so, bodies littered the village square. The trolls of Sen'Jin village had murdered their own blood.

An unconscious Badoon was carried from the village by his comrades followed by shouts and stones thrown by their own parents. The group of youngsters made their way to Veerek's cave where they found him and Olfan butchered. The Elders had sent a group to kill him during the meeting. The once tidy cave was in shambles.

The group moved on, leaving their mentor and friend for fear of being followed. They made their way to the barrens in hopes to find the Wardens whom Olfan had told them were camping near camp Taurajo during a summit meeting between Endryel and a Tauren leader.

Drassa had been in the hills gathering herbs during the fateful meeting. She was walking home with her basket when the first rock struck in the back and sent her sprawling. A mob of angry villagers surrounded the girl and beat her into unconsciousness. they left her for dead. Drassa awoke late in the night injured and bleeding with the shouts during her beating still rang in her ears. They had been banished. With the last of her strength, Drassa dragged herself to the nearby corral and with a mighty effort and some magic Veerek had taught her she pulled herself on to a raptor and took off into the night.
Drassa, too, sought the comfort and guidance of Veerek, only to find his body and trashed cave. The tracks, for she had learned to track from the hunter Olfan, lead away and toward the Barrens. Drassa pointed her raptor after the tracks and collapsed on the mount's back.

A lone troll slumped over a raptor's back let out a ragged breath and slipped to the ground and unconsciousness. A dark figure eased over from the shadows of the late afternoon, bent over the troll. She was still alive.

The warmth of a fire, a soft blanket...purple hair...sleep...water, so thirsty....pain...sleep. Kind soft hands, soothing salves...sleep.
Drassa opened her eyes, it was night. The warm light of a fire, the smell of cooking meat, a figure near her turned and smiled.
"There you are," the elven woman said in a soft, melodic voice.
Drassa tried to speak but the elf gestured her to calm and silence.
"You've been healing for some time now, be still. I have some broth here." The elf sat next to Drassa and spooned warm broth into her parched mouth.
"wuh...mmmfff," Drassa tried to speak but found rocks in her throat.
"Shhh now," the elf soothed her. She placed her hand on Drassa's chest, closed her eyes and the familiar warmth of the healing touch flowed into Drassa. She smiled and nodded her understanding. The elf smiled back warmly and spooned more broth into Drassa.

Drassa learned that the elf was Endryel, the Warden she had heard about from Olfan. Poor Olfan. Endryel had found Drassa, on the verge of death, on the side of the road to Crossroads.
"It was very close, Drassa," Endryel said. "I wasn't sure I could save you. But your young and strong. Everything will be alright."
"No evertin'" Drassa sighed, "Mama try ta kill me." Drassa looked away tears rolling on her cheeks.
Endryel stoked the fire with a stick and nodded sadly reaching out to squeeze Drassa's hand gently.

The other young trolls had made it to the barrens and had found the Wardens' camp. Badoon had been frantic to find Drassa and search parties had been sent. Badoon and the others had been at the camp being tended to by the Wardens. Luck had put Endryel on that part of the road that night or she would never have found Drassa. They had been in their camp for two weeks with Endryel tending to Drassa.
"Ya saved me life, Missy." Drassa said as they packed the camp preparing to join the others. Drassa dropped to her knees in front of Endryel and hugged the elf's legs.
"Ya saved me! Wardens save me again!" Se repeated crying into the leather pants. Endryel blushed deeply with embarrassment then put her hand on Drassa's head and cried too.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Badger Men (people)

Enjoy. *snicker* This needs no introduction:


Jaaryngis and Zoei are putting together an IC run of Molten Core and/or Blackwing Lair for Saturday night, 7 pm.

Cataclysm info

This may be something some of us have seen before, but judging by conversations I've had with other Wardens, I would guess most of us haven't.

There is a player-compiled FAQ about World of Warcraft: Cataclysm on the official Cataclysm forum. While it's player-compiled, it is also stickied, which I assume would imply at least some official "approved" stamp on the info it contains.

Info contained includes:

--Links to pictures of the new dwarf, orc, and troll shaman totems.

--RUMORS about races using the upheaval caused by Deathwing's return to retake long-lost property (e.g. the gnomes and Gnomeregan, the trolls and the Echo Isles, the humans and Stromgarde).

--Links to what look to be concept art for the new racial mounts.

--News and rumors about changes in racial leadership.

--The compiler makes a brief, but somewhat convincing, argument for her prediction that Cataclysm will be released between next April and May.

Check it out.

Raid for the Cure!

This coming Saturday, November 14th, a bunch of people will be gathering on the Kael'Thas server at 2pm Central Time in order to march and show our support for the fight against breast cancer.

I originally heard about this from the Big Bear Butt, who organized this event. One of his guildmates, Julie, has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, and he has put out a call to march!

I rolled Fushcia, a tauren, who is parked in Camp Taurajo, eagerly anticipating the event. Pink mageweave shirts will be made available. A group of alliance players (the faction of BBB's guild) will also be attending the event.

Please see BBB's post about the event here. I also started a group on Facebook, hoping to recruit more people. See you there!

Cranius and Legs got at it again

Well, Cranius and Legs got together once more to make another awesome michinima. Granted, this time around Cranius' song really isn't my cup of tea, but Legs, as always, blows me away with the video. For your viewing pleasure, I present "The Story":

And, to balance it out, I'm going to post my favourite from Cranius, "Darrowshire". Don't forget that Cranius' songs are now available to buy from iTunes or Amazon.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

News 11-12-09

BUUNDHIL LOOKING FOR METAL: While I was away from the game, apparently some cool new engineering recipes were added to the trainer in Dalaran. I am very interested in building a Wormhole Generator: Northrend, and as such need some Titanium bars. Not Titansteel, just regular Titanium. I can gather it myself, but it will take some time, so if anyone has any extra, I won't hate you for giving/selling it.

RP EVENT: The Knights of Menethil - an Alliance, Death-Knight-exclusive guild - is celebrating its one year anniversary tomorrow, Friday 11/13. The celebration begins with a Death Knight parade beginning at Light's Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands and ending at the entrance to Stormwind. The parade begins at 6:30 pm and all Death Knights (and only Death Knights) are welcome in the parade, though other non-DKs are welcome to watch. The celebration will continue at Stormwind.

RP EVENT: The Fellowship of the Light is holding a Liturgy of The Light this Sunday at 6 pm in the Hall of Lights in the Exodar.

How to make crappy music videos in Northrend:

You'd think if you were in the middle of a blizzard, you'd put on some freaking pants.

As you may have noticed, I added quite a few links to the sidebar under "Other Moon Guard Blogs." I found most on a thread on the official MG forums. Some are OOC, some are IC, and some have a little of both. The fact that they're up there isn't a commentary on what I see as their worth. They're up there simply because they have something significant to do with Moon Guard and they all were updated fairly recently. If anyone knows of a site they want on the list, let me know.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

News 11-11-09

--We have a group on Facebook! Run a search on "Thousand Wardens" and you should find us.

--The Thousand Wardens have officially expanded into the Horde side of things. The guild leader is Chochak (i.e. Buundy) and the guild name is, believe it or not, The Wardens! Any Thousand Wardens members are, of course, welcome in our Hordie guild.

--Our good friend Norah from Veritas is taking a break from the game. Everyone should take a chance to wish her well either on the forums or in game.

--Third Brigade is trying to throw together an RP Ironforge Faire for Sunday, November 22nd.

--Moon Guard Alliance-side tailor offers her services.

Oh, and in other news, we have a blog!

If any Wardens have any news or screenshots they want me to post, please let me know in-game!