Monday, November 16, 2009

The History of the Thousand Wardens, as told by Chochak Axeface

Long ago, before mean orcs attack world, lots of elves and humans and short people and cow people and tooth-faces stayed in forest and were nice to each other. They help other people find way through woods. They call themselves Thousand Wardens and told jokes and bedtime stories and were nice to each other. Chochak thinks he would have liked to have been in original Wardens.

Then mean orcs (including Chochak, who is very sorry), attack world. Everyone on world fighting each other. It's big and scary and then we killed a tree. World ok. Demons go away. Mean orcs not mean anymore. But all Wardens die in big, stupid wars. This makes Chochak sad. Chochak did not know at the time, but when he heard about it later he was sad. And he is sad about it now.

Then later demons try to come back and start another stupid, big war, and Wardens come back. Then Wardens hide from stupid dead man. Then they come back again. Now we are back.

Chochak is hungry now.


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