Monday, January 18, 2010

The Nekkid Dungeon Run

This is an ooc run just for the fun of it. The idea is to gather gear as you go through dungeons beginning with a lowbie dungeon and working your way up to, hopefully at least level 70 dungeons in the allotted time. We can hope for level 80 dungeons...but I doubt we'll make that in the 3 hours. This is the first time doing this, so bear with us as we plan and hope it comes out to be a great event.
Please submit your team roster to me in game via mail, so I know who is coming in advance. Thanks!

1. All players must be without any armor or weapons to start. (Clothing with no armor rating is permitted)
-exceptions: Hunters may begin with a low level ranged weapon and ammo. Pally's may begin with a low level shield.
(if there is a class specific item I've over looked please let me know. Otherwise you should not have anything equipped at all). Players will begin 'gearing' by equipping armor and weapons that drop in the dungeons. Use normal need/greed rules for rolling on loot.
2. All teams will consist of a proper party: 5 players A Tank, A Healer and 3 DPS.
3. All teams will travel to each dungeon. The use of the LFG to travel to dungeons is not permitted.
4. Follow the dungeon order as listed.
The Play:
All teams will begin at Deadmines and use what gear drops there and proceed to the next dungeon and so forth. A Three hour window has been allotted. At the end of the three hours the teams will gather.
We will use two methods to score: The first team to finish the highest dungeon wins, if more than one team completes the same dungeon, then we will score the gear of each team and the highest score wins. In the event of a tie, the winning teams will enter 5v5 battle at an arena (preferably a remote one), to determine a winner.
If you have any questions, comments, suggestion please let me know.
Happy hunting!

More things: (I'm sure I'll be posting more stuff all week so please check this thread)

So as not to over complicate matters too much:
Since we're not stepping down ranks on anyone's spells, it seems fair that rogues use the level 70-80 poisons. Rogues won't have a weapon at first it works.

I'm still trying to work out the logistics on the Hunter's ranged weapons...not very many drop in instances that I know of...I hope that works out ok. At worst, you equip you're uber level 80 cannon of doom. But I think we can manage without.
But I really don't think anyone will have any problems with anything until we hit Northrend dungeons anyway. Again, please share thought and suggestions.
Post here, or on my facespace or email me
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And here's...
List of Dungeons

On Azeroth:

Gnomerigan (yeah yeah everybody hates it)
The Scarlet Monastery (All areas)
Temple of Atal'Hakkar (because I'm evil)
Stratholme (Maybe you get a horsie)

On Outlands:

Hellfire Citadel: Blood Furnace
Auchindoun: Shadow Labyrinth
Black Morass
Magister's Terrace

The Oculus (hehehe...yeah you do...but on Normal so don't fuss too much)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The History of the Wardens

I'm working on developing a chronology (I guess you call it that) of the Wardens. I rolled a druid name Rawiyah who is a founding member of the Wardens and has been in the emerald dream for a long time (to be determined). As part of her story I'm developing the Wardens' history for her to tell in bits, as people gather to meet. My thinking is that she will be a sort of lore keeper for the Wardens and that we can gather at certain times for her to tell stories of the 'old times.' (Campfire stories).

Anyone that wants to contribute with stories and history, please feel free to jump in any time. It's a work in progress and it's more fun if everyone contributes.