Wednesday, November 11, 2009

News 11-11-09

--We have a group on Facebook! Run a search on "Thousand Wardens" and you should find us.

--The Thousand Wardens have officially expanded into the Horde side of things. The guild leader is Chochak (i.e. Buundy) and the guild name is, believe it or not, The Wardens! Any Thousand Wardens members are, of course, welcome in our Hordie guild.

--Our good friend Norah from Veritas is taking a break from the game. Everyone should take a chance to wish her well either on the forums or in game.

--Third Brigade is trying to throw together an RP Ironforge Faire for Sunday, November 22nd.

--Moon Guard Alliance-side tailor offers her services.

Oh, and in other news, we have a blog!

If any Wardens have any news or screenshots they want me to post, please let me know in-game!