Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Battle for Menethil postscript

Last night I attended an RP-PVP event organized by a Gnome DK named Tadkins and advertised on the MG Forums. I didn't have high hopes. Endy went to the assault on Hammerfall and said it was a disappointment. Folks on the forums expressed the same thing. But last night was so fun it's rekindled my interest in pvp.

The RP backstory was that there were important supplies at Thelsamar (Loch Modan) and a ship of supplies coming in to Menethil (Wetlands). The Horde goal was to attack both Thelsamar and Menethil, and to hold both towns. If by 8:45 (45 minutes after the event began), they held both towns, they would win, stealing the supplies in Thelsamar and burning the ships at Menethil.

Things started off chaotically. Most of the raid gathered at the bridge in front of Menethil. We already knew the Horde were going to gather their forces at Dun Modr (the town taken over by the Dark Irons near the Thandol Span) because they announced that on the forums. A bunch of folks - mainly from Wrath of the Righteous, but they weren't the only ones - broke off from the main group and hit Dun Modr before the Horde could get organized. They kicked their asses so thoroughly, there was some real question as to whether or not the horde would even have anyone left to attack Menethil. Eventually, the guys from WotR came back to the raid and the Horde managed to gather forces to attack the town. The attack didn't last long. The horde formed up in front of the bridge, we charged, they died.

Once 8:45 rolled around and it was clear we had officially won, we decided to counter-attack. We rode north where we found the horde waiting for us on the Thandol Span. This was probably the best, most fun, fight of the night. We fought them twice on the bridge and won both times - first from the Wetlands side and again from Arathi side. I died early in the first fight when the horde charged us, but managed to live through the second fight and send a couple of forum regulars to hell.

It turned out there was more going on than we realized. When we were at Menethil, our raid was full so a second raid formed. The second raid had already razed Hammerfall to the ground while we were fighting on the Span. We decided to push our luck and rode to Tirisfal. We wiped out Brill, moved to Undercity, but failed to put a significant dent in the dead queen. Still, we had won the initial engagement and overall it was a fun night.

I definitely want to get more involved in these things. It was a lot of fun. I want to see if maybe we can talk to the people from the organizing guilds and see if TW, with our guild concept, could kind of become the official scouts of these things.

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  1. I'm glad your experience was a good one. the last couple I've been to have been horrid disasters. But I think people that went to those were feeling the need to get up and go again. You just can't take that laying down.
    I'll definitely try to make the next few. It's a lot of fun. If you had to two raids then you had a much bigger force than the last few. That's good that more people are coming. woot!